Story Sort for Games Page

As you can see on the front page, their’s specific areas for games (Example below)

There’s the Obby, Tycoon, Roleplay, Adventure and Simulator catagory but there’s no “story” catagory.

I see a lot of underrated story games not being highlighted at all on the front page, so I personally think they should have their own catagory. I would most likely seach through them instead of “Roleplay” or something along those lines.

This is what I’m trying to suggest:

It would motivate more developers to do these type of games instead of doing the same old “Obbies and tycoons” just so they can be put in that catagory. It just highlights games that are underrated and a highly requested catagory.


THIS is what I’ve been needing.

Right now, we only have “Adventure”. Story games can use this genre to categorize their game, however, popular non-story games can do the same as they might be adventures too!

I think an explicit story genre would be awesome. Sometimes I want to get into a new story, but it’s difficult to find with how they’re sorted now.

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I agree. It’s hard to find story games, especially with an inaccurate search bar. We need a stronger searach engine or a story catagory as I mentioned.