Stranded within: deserted | information


We have been working on a series of games involving and inspired by the After The Flash Series, however due to the massive amount of false roleplayers we decided to make our own which makes it impossible for such things to happen.
Our admins are active and are happy to respond to any call regarding such.

About Stranded Within: Deserted

DESERTED wishes to set the user within a situation where they are forced to do whatever to survive, including their own friends.
DESERTED is set in a game where a deep winter is upon the country and supplies are scarce.

All factions have to struggle to survive during this dangerous time.

How to find out more

We have multiples links which we can provide to give you more information regarding this however due to the DEVFORUMS strict links rule, we are unable to do that. Therefore my discord will be below where I can invite you to our community.



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