Strange 500 error after liking or unliking a post

It’s working for me on an iPad.
However, I don’t know if this issue still reproduces on a computer.
For now, I’ll mark this post as the solution. Thanks for looking into it.

Well, another issue popped up: the notification bar is no longer working. I have to directly go to the notifications page to see them.
Hopefully this issue will be fixed in due time.

The notification issue brought up earlier is still occuring. The only problem is that the administrators or staff will not be able to see this message because of this.

The problem is that so many other users kept on linking this topic saying that it’s related, but if it’s not, something needs to be done here. Especially since the staff will think the topic is solved and will ignore the issue.

The main issue is that other users will assume that this is the same problem and that it will be solved soon.

I propose the solution be unmarked if this possibly unrelated does not get solved, @PosFind (OP), or a new bug report should be made to clear up info on this topic (due to linking of this post on other topics). Another possibility is to reply to those topics linked.

Luckily, the liking/unliking issue is fixed for me.

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Everything works except for some reason my notifications don’t show up in this tab.
Screenshot 2023-02-14 8.48.42 PM
But instead they show up here.


Got it too

I’m sure it wasn’t an intentional bug. Also, I don’t think valentines usually takes place on the devforum.

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My notifications also don’t show up in that window, I have to open the full view of it.

But I’m also getting false/duplicate notifications of replies that I already read yesterday. Do you get that too?

No I don’t have that issue that I can tell.

Same here, but you can still see your notifications by looking in the notifications menu on your profile

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Funny enough, when I changed my notifications to watching on this thread, I got a notification for your post

(This one)

Even though I already saw it a long time ago. This isn’t the only post either.

This is really weird.

Notifs in general are a bit broken, will get fixed eventually, just wait it out.

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My notification button is working again! I’ll let you know if I still get notifications for old posts.

My notifications work again.
It seems everything works again

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It works for me too!

Just to confirm, my notifications appear to be working just as intended now.

Hours ago, I was experiencing the issue of having my notifications section not being able to showcase properly (unless pressing a button to overview the page), but now, it seems that a lot of users are seeing normally to its good state… The same goes for my point of view:

(I hid the texts with the blue outline for the privacy of what is being currently discussed)

Still having an issue where notifications are delayed/link to the wrong post. They keep appearing for things I’ve already seen.

OK, it’s fine, no problem :+1:

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