Strange 500 error after liking or unliking a post

This bug occurs occasionally after liking or removing your like from any post. The bug also possibly occurs whenever a post is marked as a solution, as seen in multiple posts:

(also found something else, occasionally while liking a post, a prompt pops up. image is below:)

It is possible these errors are interlinked.




  1. Go to any DevForum post.
  2. Click on the like button. (twice if it doesn’t work)

I can’t even like this post either because of the error. Just thought that was either.

Also curious, how are others affected by this?

  • I have not been experiencing this
  • I’ve had this happen once or twice
  • This has been happening pretty frequently
  • I cannot like/mark (almost all) any post.

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Someone is looking into this. Thanks for the report.


I have it too

And I think I made a person lose 2 likes… :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


I can reproduce the issue on Fenix (Firefox for Android) v. 109.2.0 (Build #2015930059) with Android 11.


Can reproduce as well.

Browser and device details:

Browser: Google Chrome 110.0.5481.97 (Official Build) (64-bit) (cohort: Bypass)
OS: Windows 10 Version 22H2 (Build 19045.2486)


Use other browser, then open other.
I was able to like @ValiantWind 's post.


what a great way to start valentines in devforum fr


I get this same error, or something similar “The requested URL or resource could not be found.”, or “You are not permitted to view the requested resource.”, or “Error 500”.

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I would like this post to show I am also experiencing it and raise awareness, however…

Are there any other things on the devforum that have thrown errors for users? Seems like everything else is intact.

Edit: It looks like hearts are registering/saving, it’s just that it throws an error and doesn’t show the hearts until you refresh the page.


I got the same issue I am trying to accept someone’s answer but the error keeps happening so I can’t

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We’ve enabled a banner on the site that we will remove once we are abel to resolve the issue!


Now my notifications aren’t appearing, it’s telling me that I don’t have any notifications yet, but I have a 1 with a blue circle around it indicating that I actually do have a notification.

Edit 1: Also, when I wrote this post, the devforum was taking a bit longer than usual to load. And navigating the devforum also takes a bit longer than usual to load.

Edit 2: The number of notifications that the devforum thinks I have is a bit odd. It showed that I had 3, and then it showed that I had 2. And now it shows that I have zero?? And now it shows that I have one, and then it quickly disappears after I try to view my notifications, but when I reload the page, the notification comes back

Edit 3: My notifications still aren’t showing up, but I was able to like, unlike, and then re-like your post below (@LuaCow) without any issues. But I probably have to try it on a few more posts before it is officially confirmed that it’s fixed. It works for me; tried it on a few more posts.


Can people who were experiencing this issue check if they are still being affected? @PosFind

We’ve made some changes and want to make sure its resolved before removing the banner.


Got an avalanche of desktop notifications just now + the like button is working again, but the top right notification feed when I click on my avatar is still showing empty. The notifications page on my profile however is working fine. Maybe it will clear itself up after some time?


It’s working for me on an iPad.
However, I don’t know if this issue still reproduces on a computer.
For now, I’ll mark this post as the solution. Thanks for looking into it.

Well, another issue popped up: the notification bar is no longer working. I have to directly go to the notifications page to see them.
Hopefully this issue will be fixed in due time.

The notification issue brought up earlier is still occuring. The only problem is that the administrators or staff will not be able to see this message because of this.

The problem is that so many other users kept on linking this topic saying that it’s related, but if it’s not, something needs to be done here. Especially since the staff will think the topic is solved and will ignore the issue.

The main issue is that other users will assume that this is the same problem and that it will be solved soon.

I propose the solution be unmarked if this possibly unrelated does not get solved, @PosFind (OP), or a new bug report should be made to clear up info on this topic (due to linking of this post on other topics). Another possibility is to reply to those topics linked.

Luckily, the liking/unliking issue is fixed for me.

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Everything works except for some reason my notifications don’t show up in this tab.
Screenshot 2023-02-14 8.48.42 PM
But instead they show up here.


Got it too