Strange behavior for colliding parts with BodyVelocity

Hey there, I’m working on a bodymover-based waypoint-following system. While doing some testing with a “track-element” that drops a section, I’ve noticed some strange behavior from the parts involved. These elements, including a falling bridge and moving seats, utilize BodyVelocity instances, each with their MaxForces set to math.huge on all axes.
Occasionally, when I’m testing these elements together, the ride (or character residing on them) will be deleted. This only happens when both of the elements have some kind of collision to them.

This is a video of this issue in action.
This is a video of how it would act normally.

I have a hypothesis for why this issue occurs. I’m thinking that because the forces are so high, one of the colliding elements might be pushing too far to reach its point, and so flings itself through the floor and into the part deletion barrier. I have no idea how I would know this to be the case, however.
Because of how the error seems to occur in the video, everything looks like it’s deleted instantly. I’d think that if this were the case, my camera would set on somewhere lower, but maybe the parts get deleted before the camera has a chance to update?

I’m considering lowering the velocity max forces, but I’m afraid that if I did, the effectiveness of the system as a whole would be compromised. (it would be more difficult for seats to reach their waypoints, same for the bridge)

I would like to be able to make the entire seat model non-can-collide, but because the player gets welded to seats, and players have collision, the player’s presence will always make this issue a problem.

It is very important for me to be able to tie players to these seat models, so I might have to think of a way to make a player “occupy” a seat without an actual seat instance being present. However, the simplicity of having seat instances there would make my work a lot easier.

Does anyone have any insight into this situation? Is there anything I can do to resolve it without any drawbacks?