Strange Black Square as the Sun/Moon

Hello, there seems to be a problem with the Sun and Moon’s texture.
There is a black texture replaces the Sun and Moon, which is very distracting to the player.
This black texture is only visible on mobile and I could not find any way to fix it.
Is this a Roblox bug or something?

This image was taken from my friend on mobile.


This is a lighting issue for sure, this usually happens when you use future lighting and you set the brightness to something weird. Try uploading the Sun texture and the Moon texture again, or it’s possible the texture has been content deleted.

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Thanks for giving me a bit more insight into this problem!
Much appreciated.

I do what I can, your welcome man!

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What was the issue? As I have the same problem and I haven’t found out.

Basically it’s just a bug with the sun/moon texture id for mobile devices.
I have joined a few other games on Roblox using my phone and there was still a black square so as of now you can’t really do much about it.

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Lol I recognize u from innovation security.

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