Strange Chat Filter Error

WebChatFilter FilterMessageWithCallbackResponseHandlerLockAcquiredHandleResponse http post exception(HTTP 0 (HTTP 503 (HTTP/1.1 503 Service Unavailable)))

I’m getting the above error in my error logs on discord - Not sure exactly what it is but I assume it’s about the Chat Filter. I thought I’d report it to Staff to alert them that it is happening. The place is here:

During the same time, players reported a very slow chat. Could this be looked at?

Odd. I think that a 503 error means that the server isn’t responding. In this case, I think that server would be the people who do Roblox’s chat filtering.

Is this bug replicating for you? In just that game? All games? At certain times? Does it break your scripts?

Edit: A 503 error is the result of a server having too many existing processes. Any time you send an HTTP request to a server, it starts a new process until the process is complete. In this case, the server Roblox is requesting must simply be over its capacity.

Yeah, It’s not on my end whatsoever - it’s an issue with Community Sift. I was just putting the error here so that ROBLOX could get any relevant info for it - perhaps chat filter should bypass any rate limit?