Strange collision/blockages?

Okay so I was building an old game base (a remake of an old classic game actually!), but I had this super weird problem for a while now, and I already checked through each part around me. Nothing was like blocking on the path in my way (and nothing was invisible either).

(The blue path is supposed to be moving like that btw).

*Yes, I did make the parts grouped instead of unioned together.
*Yes, again I did check each part if any was somewhat invisible and stretched too far by accident, but nothing.

This seems to happen on only two corners on opposite sides (this area is more of a square shape).

Please let me know if it’s not clear enough and I’ll try to add more pictures/information!


So how I counter these types of issues is using a specific plugin called Decomposition Geometry.

And what this does is view the possible collision courses the humanoid or the player can encounter through unions/meshes.
In addition, you are also able to alter the collision paths by going into the Properties of the Union and change the CollisionFidelity of that Union to which you prefer.

There are four modes for CollisionFidelity:

Basically, this shows what the player can collide with.


This works really well! Thank you very much! :smile: