Strange DataStore CURL error causing DataStore service to fail most, if not all, of the time across many games

16:41:57.907 - 502: API Services rejected request with error: HTTP 0 (CURL error (curl_easy_perform): Couldn't connect to server (7))

I’m getting this error intermittently when trying to use the DataStore feature. It’s happening both in test servers and in online mode. Has anybody else seen this before? Is it a problem on Roblox’s end or something I’m doing to my servers?

Edit: moved to client bug reports per request of other members.


I’m having it show up too, it’s quite uncommon for me. But it breaks the game for the entire server. (Dominus lifting Simulator)

I suspect it could be to do with the data store restrictions.

Yeah. It’s showing up when my servers first launch (when the first player joins and it attempts to load their data) so there’s no way that I’m reaching the limits. It’s only being called once.

It’s also showing up the majority of the time.


Yeah. My conclusion there was based on one test session where I was testing for another bug, which I just found. This error indeed is happening every time in new servers, and needs to be fixed ASAP
cough Roblox staff pls

Does this happen even after retrying the request? How many times are you retrying?

This problem also seems to tie into both DataStoreService and TeleportService on my end. It will throw an Unknown Exception each time I use TeleportService. I’ve retried this more than a dozen times and only three times has it worked until it got to TeleportService which always threw that “Unknown Exception” error.

I’ve experienced this outside of datastore too. Sometimes it will report this error in the output window with the message “Server save failure” while I’m working in team create. It’s caused lots of lost work since I sometimes close the output window, and is quite frustrating there is no bigger warning to say that saving is not working, making me and the people I work with miss it often.

Roblox Datastores are down if that hasn’t been said yet

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Yeah, can’t connect to datastores either, they’re down.

phew not just me. my game’s been failing to get data from datastores and is returning with this very error.

Pretty relieved myself, though it’s pretty horrifying at the same time. If I had released my game today, it wouldn’t be working at all.

Thank god, I was afraid I was the only one having this problem.

Datastores have been broken for a little while now. They mentioned it on the devforum steam group discord.

I am getting this in my test place as well. For some reason, I am not having problems in Studio. I am not doing any retrying because that automatic functionality is either coming or live.

Really surprised that this problem has persisted for hours now. It doesn’t seem to be impacting large/popular games, but it is impacting my existing (not so popular) games. A total DataStore failure is a pretty massive problem to not have been addressed for this long.

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This is kind of ridiculous, I completely shut my game down for the time being. Don’t want to have to deal with all the side issues of DataStores not working

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I didn’t have to shut down my game; all of my players left already.

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Haha… Yeah… This is bad

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Three hours, these issues are still happening.

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Can someone put this on bug reports or report it accordingly? (I would but I am a new members)