Strange error occuring upon launching ROBLOX client & studio

Upon starting ROBLOX Studio or the Client it gives this error:

It happens every time I attempt to start it, reinstall it and even when I try to uninstall it.
To reproduce: Start, deinstall or (re)install ROBLOX Studio or the Client.
I figured this out when a friend notified me about it at around: 28/02/0217 18:50 or 06:50 PM (+1 GMT)

Yeah, apparently the Amazon AWS servers are down!

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Oh :open_mouth:

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Amazon has fixed the error. Should be loading sometime soon.

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Having the same issue here.

Is that what that tweet means? I thought it meant the service dashboard would work (the dashboard that reports the status of services). It was broken saying all services were fine (which they clearly weren’t)


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