Strange grid artifact showing on Head (Skinned Mesh Models)

Hello, I can’t post in Bug Reports so I’m posting here in the hopes a Staff member will see this.

This grid-line artifact has been showing up in our models for quite sometime (>6 months), I just haven’t had a chance to photo and post about it. The grid only shows on the Head part, and not all the time. We have several models and it happens on all. It is more noticeable when they are darker colored. The characters are ‘Custom Avatar’ imports (skinned mesh, some from Maya, some from Blender) with a Humanoid added. The Head part is Plastic material with a color (no texture). It would be nice to get this fixed as we’re nearing release (currently in beta).

Grid artifact showing:

No artifact showing:


Some more info… I noticed that setting a non-zero transparency makes the grid lines go away. Unfortunately, this isn’t a good workaround as light sources show through the models head.

Also, depending on your web browser and screen resolution, you may need to zoom in on the images in the original post to see the artifact (in case you thought it looked fine!).

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Does this appear just in Roblox Studio? Also what graphics level are you using?

It happens both in Studio and in the real game. (we’re in a closed beta right now).
We’ve seen it ourselves and many beta testers had reported it too, so the graphics levels vary. The grid doesn’t always show, sometimes it comes and goes depending on the camera distance too.

Seems to be a rendering bug on Roblox’s side. Since you can’t post in #bug-reports try to message @Bug-Support or @bug-files. Although you may not have to since a Roblox Staff member has already liked your post.

Hope it gets solved, and best of luck on the project!

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The grid artifact looks likek it’s showing the sky behind the head. Is it possible the mesh has very very very small transparent lines? If so it can easily be fixed with the DoubleSided property or just re-creating it in Blender.

It’s definitely not transparency or sky showing through. I know it may look that way in the photo, but it shows at different angles and isn’t the backdrop coming through. Also, the models don’t have thin lines with gaps.

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Is this a baked texture? I had that with a horse (black grid on white horse)

The issue was I baked before subdivision, and after subdivision, the UV mapping changed slightly. I rebaked the texture and it was fine, but I since learned that baking with a cage is the best way to do this. (advanced skill)

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Nope, just a plain Roblox material (plastic)

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I was pointed at this issue by someone. I am a rendering engineer at Roblox, so hopefully we can get to the bottom of this.

Would it be possible for you to provide an asset (.rbxl/.rbxm)? This would help to reduce the time we need to go through steps to try to get a case where it works (as the initial tries don’t show the issue) (Or alternatively add me to your game access rights, as it is currently a private experience which means I can’t test it)

Thanks for looking into this TigerRabbit2.

We are within days of going live with our game. For this artifact, we implemented a workaround where we programmatically rename the Head part (HeadX), then add a small transparent Head part and weld them together. (99% transparent, otherwise the Name tag disappears, which we learned the hard way). We haven’t seen the lines with this workaround, but obviously it’s a bit of an ugly hack and isn’t ideal.

I mention this for two reasons… one, the current game/place won’t show the artifact because of our workaround. Two, we’re a little busy with finishing touches for release!

That said, we definitely want to get you a way to reproduce this so it can get resolved properly. I’ll talk to my modelers and see if they have suggestions for what we could provide.

(Also - Not sure if it’s related, but we also had to do a similar hack with all the arm and leg parts. When they had the standard humanoid part names they did not color properly. The colors would be different than what we assigned. This was done months ago, so the behavior may have changed since)

Much appreciated.

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