Strange Hinge Behavior?

Hello, I am making a Mini Cooper Rally Car from DiRT 3 using a custom chassis, rigged entirely with constraints.

It has two modes: exterior mode and interior mode.

The interior has a working steering wheel, pedals, and gauges.

Except there is a problem with the interior mode, whenever I go into test mode the vehicle starts acting all weird, like “crab-walking”. (the steering wheel also doesn’t move in the interior mode)

…and it doesn’t fall back down when it’s rotated, almost like a gyro. (this is with the humanoid removed)

The car used to work perfectly fine before the interior mode was added…I’ve investigated into it and it appears to be the steering wheel that’s causing the car to glitch out like this. Deleting it makes it work fine, but I can’t seem to figure out why it’s making the car act weird. Every other car I’ve made worked fine until this one.
The steering wheel also likes to rotate even with the TargetAngle at 0.
These are the settings for the steering wheel hinge:

All of the parts in the interior are no-collide and massless.

I’ve also made a model if you want to look into this further, since I’m planning to make this public anyways: Strange Car Behavior - Roblox (put each script and model into their respective services, press space to go into interior mode)

I’d appreciate it if this issue was looked into!

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I’m assuming the steering wheel is the assembly root part, which is the problem. Try changing that.

How do I change the assembly root part?

Simply change RootPriority on some of the parts. It can be negative.

Nope, it doesn’t seem to be the root part causing the issue. I also called for the root part on the car (from the body mesh) and it’s the car’s body mass part (the heaviest part in the model), which is correct.

If all the other steering wheels work fine, do you think you could steal one of your other ones and use it? If it still doesn’t work even with a steering wheel that has proven to work, The problem might not be the wheel’s.

I fixed it! I had to use another part for the hinge, in this case it’s the low detail steering wheel for the exterior mode, then weld it to the high detail one for the interior mode.

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