Strange issue prevents data from saving in all places unless someone else joins Team Create

This is posted in Studio Bugs because I believe that it potentially has something to do with being opted-in to this.

[Sorry for the light theme, this output was sent from a friend. Dark theme is best.]

I was having issues with data in my places not updating, so I enabled Team Create and asked a friend to join my studio and help debug my code. His presence in the studio somehow caused everything to fix itself - even though he made literally 0 changes to any of the code.

Each of my places that he edits gives him this error upon joining. I’m not sure if it’s related at all, but I can’t see this error myself. It apparently stops showing up after he joins edit once - and my places suddenly start to work properly, but only once he joins the studio session.

I can disable Team Create and continue coding as normal after he joins once, but this routine has to be repeated for every single one of my places that need to read/write to datastores.

Edit 1: It’s worthwhile to note that I’m using ProfileService for saving data and this is when I noticed the issue.

Edit 2: Apparently this post wasn’t detailed enough according to my DM’s, so I highlighted parts of the post that explain why I can’t give more detail (aka that it seems to happen with all of my places). There is no where because it’s everywhere. This is about as detailed as I can get with this issue. All I know with certainty is that my datastore’s aren’t updating until someone else edits literally any of my games.


Hi Scriptos,

It would be helpful to have Studio logs from the time this happened to investigate this further. See How to post a Bug Report for more info, thanks

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I believe I may also be having the same issue, in a game I’m working on it is taking incredibly long for the game to publish.


I have no errors in output however. Studio is also showing that I have a poor connection, despite having speeds of ~40mbps

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Edit: I just tried creating a couple new places and reproducing this issue today. Everything seems to be saving properly now, even though the places are set up exactly the same as before. I’ll still send you the logs though whenever I get them just in case.

I did try to follow that post and provided all the relevant information that I was possibly able to:

Where it happens
When it happens

The timestamp is in the output log that I shared in the main post. It happened the same day as the post. 8/17/2020 at 1:32 pm CT.

Videos & Images

The only image I can think to show this issue is the output image that I already shared.

Reproduction Instructions

No step-by-step repro was given because as stated, it just automatically happens to my places. All I do is create a new place and try to save data. It only begins to save in live sessions after someone else tries to edit my game.

I’ll DM you the studio logs but I have to wait for my friend to get online so that I can get his as well, since the error only showed up for him and I believe that you’d want that info.

I didn’t have any errors in the output on my end either. The error only showed up whenever my friend joined to edit the game in studio with me. My issue isn’t to do with publishing the game itself though, it’s with datastores.

Pretty sure I’m experiencing the same issue. I haven’t touched any code dealing with datastores recently, yet for some reason as of this morning when I published a quick fix for my game, I noticed that datastores stopped updating, but calls are still definitely being made.



Bump! DataStores are sometimes saving for me in studio and sometimes are not saving. It will randomly decide to save on some tests and not on others. I actually made a post (it’s privated) about this on July 24 but by July 26 it was already fixed so I took it down. Seems to be happening again though.

I haven’t seen the usual warning messages that used to show up when I saved to datastores too often in studio, so maybe that has something to do with it? I’m thinking a throttling of setAsync is occurs but doesn’t tell us it’s happening.