Strange Morphing between Walk and Run Animations

Hi Gals/Guys,

I’ve only been at this for a few weeks but learning a ton. Thank you to all those contributing. Here’s my issue. I was able to fork my animate script to add new default animations. However when I do this I get some strange morphing happening to my animations. I’m beginning to think my speed thresholds are all wrong. I thought I set it the animate script but who knows what I’m doing?

This is my run animation. The character is running at 12.

Running.wmv (724.1 KB)

Here is the proper Walk animation (sorry it’s going backwards but u get the idea). I just bound it to a key. Not going thru animate script.

GoodWalking.wmv (1.2 MB)

Lastly when i try to go down to speed 6 (my walking speed) when I run the game I get this.

Morphed Walking.wmv (880.4 KB)

I know I’m getting some odd blending here b/t the 2 animations. Is there anyways to turn it off? Alternatively, can i set my thresholds for run and walk lower so they don’t think I’m inbetween animations?

Thanks so much, uggh I need to go to bed now.

To turn it off, just do this command
[turnoffrun] animation = ‘shutdown’.

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Thanks I’l try it out! Finally have a little time to myself away from the Fam. It’s a beautiful day here in the TO!