Strange "No name" script

  • I was making my own game, and I found a strange script in it.
    Before that, it was not there, it appeared about a week ago.
  1. I noticed a script, it had no name, it had a long empty text.


  1. This script is very strange and looks like some kind of clothing ad in Roblox, but before the script itself there is a very large empty text. At the end of the script is this text:
The end of script

  • I haven’t found any help about this problem, so I hope you know what this script is and can help me

It most likely came from infected freemodels or plugins.It might be a backdoor script so I recommend you remove it. Try not using freemodels or thoroughly scan them if you end up using them. If that’s not the case, then might be teamcreate.


That appears to be a malicious script. You should remove the script ASAP. If it comes back, verify your plugins to make sure they’re all legitimate. There are already several topics on malicious scripts, so I recommend taking a look at those too.

I’ve seen a very similar script before, and it decoded to approximately this:

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These kinds of threads are posted so often now. Why though? Just delete the script, it’s a virus intended to open up a backdoor in your game. If it keeps reappearing, vet your plugins one by one.


Looks like you been browsing the toolbox :wink:
Delete the script and go through every part in your workspace.
Usually infections will copy the script to everything.


Oh, i don’t used any free models last time, i think it’s plugin

That’s a virus. It’s a backdoor that was put in the script.