Strange part shaking when camera moved

I’ve never seen this issue before, may this have something to do with the new Studio update?
And is there anything I can do to prevent this?


Wow it’s not glitching???

its hard to see on the gyazo, but its only really when i move the camera slowly and zoomed in, maybe could be lag related? it kinda just makes the parts separate by 0.001 back and forth or some low value like that,

Oh you ment the thing… it means you duplicated the part into the other meaning it will glitch. (I diddn’t see it xd) To fix this you need to make the end of the part sort of touch but not overlapping.

no it isn’t Z fighting thats not it its really hard to see on gyazo

That’s how parts normally glitch.

they’re not overlapping at all, its just the parts itself, ive never seen this before

heres another example

Yes I see, move the yellow part up a little bit and it should fix your problem. (It’s not a new studio update)

even up in mid-air it moves back and forth a small bit you see, its all parts in the game, im going to check if its the same in other games

What am I looking at exactly? There is nothing wrong with it.

it looks even worse in game, even when i dont move the camera, maybe this helps you see it

Only thing I may know is it may not be Anchord or you have more than 1 part iside the other parts.

its all anchored and theres no duplicate parts inside them, ive already checked this

It’s probably because the parts are far from the world’s Origin. This is a problem with all game engines, the further you move from 0,0,0 the more distorted it gets.