Strange Robotic Creatures Showcase

I made some strange robotic creatures for a new game I’m making :slight_smile:
Any suggestions what I should make next/improvements on the creatures?




Kinda reminds me of my old game project.


oh thats cool! Yeah it does have some similarity lol.
What was the project?


A Game about a kingdom in which the king had forced spirits into the robotic creatures known as the sentinels, you now have to destroy them.


Cool! Thats really creative. Mines just these two gods made creatures that are both robotic and alive creatures. Plor is the name of the live creature side god, or however you wanna call it lol.


You should make the “Cantiplor” have six legs i think it would look better and make the “plorihydra” less blocky looking. also whats the game about and is it a solo project?

That would look cool for cantiplor to have six legs, I’ll porbbaly do that. I do have a sheet for all these designs so I try not to alter them but I can make an exception. I could make plorihydra less blocky, but in what way would you suggest? Since I don’t rlly know if I’ll have to use blender or not.

Edit: sorry for the late reply. I have what the games about above in the other comments, it’s basically exploring, talking to people, and some fighting. I haven’t really thought about it being solo or not since I usually do solo but honestly I’m such an unpopular game dev and I don’t think it has to be that big of a project. I’m open to anything though.

I was just wondering if it was a solo project cause I would be interested in helping as I am a builder in sci-fi spacy themed stuff; and as for the plorihydra to make it look less blocky as least make the edges beveled.

That would be great! I have to admit that most of the time I’m unmotivated to continue making this game, so I work on my own time. Sometimes it might even be a month gap. Are you able to make sci-fi buildings? I hate building buildings, I’m just not good at it. I need a sort of space station, and some other buildings. If that’s not what you do I could definitely see some things I could use help on, and overall tips and improvements on already made things.
Whatever you would like because I’m not super in need of help, but it would be nice to get some help, tips, buildings, etc.

ps: Todays a busy day so if you do reply it might take a while for me to reply, just be aware.

I haven’t built to many sci fi buildings but I can show you some stuff i’ve made and like you i’m kinda unmotivated to build stuff too and work on stuff when i feel like it but I’ve built stuff like turret, barracks, crates, and walls so

Dang, you’re a lot more experienced than me lol. I’m glad we’re on the same page with the umotivation thing.
Again, if you don’t want to make buildings specifically, thats ok. You might be able to improve characters or make some characters that are too difficult for me. You could even make new ones. Could I see more of your work? Maybe a character, and another structure?

sure might take me a sec to find it

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Heres a curved version i’m working on (still looking for more btw)

Finished the curved wall


Those look epic! I’ll definitely need some robotic machines like that.

hey since ur usually solo do you script?

Hmm… Thats a hard one lol.
I’ve been learning and I’ve definitely gotten the basics down of lua, but I can’t execute them really… I’m learning javascript right now, but I’ll definitely get back to lua after that.

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I know some of the basics too maybe if u got discord we could vc and figure stuff out

Maybe not vc, idk why I’m just not comfortable with speaking to people over discord, its nothing against you. But I can definitely do discord dm. It will take a while for me to respond though lol.

I’ll try to get back to you on that tomorrow, unless you can’t tomorrow. Whatever works, todays just kinda difficult.

ok thats fine i’ll keep working on stuff to show u

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Ok, my discord is AxoCombo#1895
We can talk about builds and scripts there
edit: Heres the changed models