Strange scaling bug (Studio bug?)

Not exactly sure if this is the right category to post in, but here goes.
This bug affects everything, parts, unions, models.
It’s occurred multiple times, and it seems to appear whenever it wants.
I haven’t tried any solutions, this is REALLY annoying.
(The scaling bug causes a proportional increase in all X,Y,X values, just to clarify.)
robloxapp-20200528-1504268.wmv (3.7 MB)
Here’s a video so you know what I’m talking about.
PS: I do NOT hold shift whilst scaling objects.


I’m not too sure what you’re talking about, do you mean the block rotated itself while you were scaling/moving it?

I can’t comprehend exactly what the image represents. What exactly is the scaling bug?

Please could you give a more explanation about this bug.

Too little information, give some better pictures or describe the problem.

However, since you’re using a union and talking about scaling, the scaling for unions are like models, it’s a proportional increase in everything.

Just separate the union and resize the parts individually is all I can tell ya.

Please provide better pictures and more information so that we can help you.

The scaling bug causes a proportional increase in everything, just like @purgecloud’s reply said.

Looks like you’re scaling objects up by holding shift or something similar, not entirely sure. Also you can’t stretch out unions or model by scaling, would be too complicated to compute.

However, when you mentioned parts, that’s something else.

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I believe I know what you’re experiencing, but I have experienced something similar. For example, parts, unions and models (as you have said) would have the parts increase in size. I believe it might be a bug since it is a problem that is quite recent and I have seen a similar post to this. I’m not sure how to revert this and I had to manually adjust everything back. However, I did notice that if I model everything, it would prevent any further changes in future.

Give us more info and pixtures.

Shouldn’t this be in #platform-feedback:studio-bugs ?
BTW I have never experienced this bug.

That’s not a bug I think, or at least if it is a bug, it’s been here for years. That’s just how studio resizes unions/models/multiple parts.

You’ll have to resize the individual parts manually to get a good fit.

Hi, are you holding shift? Is your shift broken? Is the part unioned? If it is unioned, thats how it is. It shouldnt happen with parts but it can happen in models. add more detail to this question?

That’s the thing; it’s happening with everything.
Also, I’m not holding shift.

Is there anything in the properties of the part…? Are you sure its not unioned? Any sketchy free models? I’ve never had ths happen

I’m 100% the part I used just now was not unioned, and it wasn’t a free model.
I’ve edited my post with a video so you can actually see the issue.

The part is negated (30charrr)

I’ll try it with a regular part.

The part you spawned did not have the same scaling issue but the negated brick did. Negated and unioned parts are naturally scaled like this

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