Strange Script Comes Every Time (how to kill this virus?)

Can you please help me?
I make a game and every time if I maked a script then comes another script or even scripts that have the code:


Or some other numbers.

So, is this a update or a virus?

EDIT: I found very much scripts with the virus inside in TestService. Heres a picture:

The scripts are deletet. But there is coming every time, when I join RobloxStudio a new one. It is maked like this →

  • The “hacker” maked a script IN a script. We name the script “outside” and “inside”. In the “inside” script is the “require” script. And in the “outside” script is:

local lol = script.Script:Clone()

lol.Parent = game.ServerScriptService

and like this there comes every time a new script into ServerScriptService.

(Sorry if this is the wrong category but theres no, or I don’t know the category)

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this is definetly a virus if you used a free model then remove it if it still shows up then its probably a plugin virus so remove plugins which are not made by the original creator

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OK! Then my entire roblox has a virus I think… I cannot make new places btw. So I will deinstall and new install… Thanks!
The script is unfortunately obfuscated, I will try to check what it does

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EDIT: Tried to mask “require” global func, and
Obfuscated again :confused:

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Has already been said before, but it’s a virus. Most likely it came through a fake plugin, I had it once when I installed a fake visual scripting plugin a long time ago.

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I installed now a virus-detector plug-in.

These are nothing to worry about, and they can’t magically delete anything in studio or your computer.

A plugin is doing this, mind screenshotting all your plugins? Or alternatively, delete all non-Roblox plugins and redownload the real ones.

Virus detector plugins aren’t really that helpful.


Also make sure to tell us the publisher of the plugin ok :slight_smile:

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Some viruses can be caused by unverified developer plugins or free models. When creating your game, make sure your plugins are from verified developers and see if the plugin was installed by lots of people. When making your game, try to make it your own and build your own building or maps.

Script free models are horrible, never use them.

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Thats a virus. Just delete that model / script.

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I don’t know, what it is… I deletet all of my models and scripts…

Its by a terminated account, most likely a virus script


If Its by a terminated account, It most likely a virus script*****

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Try checking your plugins, people like to reupload popular plugins like Load Character, Moon Animator, etc and put viruses in them.

Do you think you could reply with all of your plugins and the creators of them? This may be the problem.

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Uhm… I did delete now all of my plug-ins but… All are still there?!
What now? (So I deletet dem from my inventory)

That’s weird because that fixed my problem when something similar to this was happening to me also.
Have you uninstalled the plugins in studio too? I’m not sure if it’s still there since you deleted it from your inventory but double check.

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That is false, viruses from plugins/free models can not do anything to your computer, they can only effect your game in studio, not your computer or anything.

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In order to remove the viruses from your game.

1. Hold down CTRL + SHIFT + F

2. Use the Search box to search “Require” and “getfenv”

3. One by One open each script line that appears.

4. Highlight the virus lines of code and delete from each script.

5. Reopen the Search bar, and search again to make sure you have gotten all of the viruses.

6. If you have more viruses appearing without adding anything from the toolbox in the game, go through your plugins, and make sure you clear anything that has script editing permissions that you think is a suspicious plugin.

( ie. Plugin creators account terminated, plugin creation date matches creators account creation date or within a short amount of time since, you find multiple different plugins that are supposedly the same plugin )

Note: Not all Requires are viruses, in some cases.
ie. Adonis has require to load certain modules.

getfenv viruses are most common in this format or similar getfenv 100/110/102/1067/129


I would also check out this trusted antivirus, and run it to search plugins.
GameGuard Anti Virus V2 [ALPHA] - Resources / Community Resources - DevForum | Roblox