Strange Sensitive Studio Camera Bug


Currently, I’m experiencing a weird Camera bug inside of studio. For some reason, the camera is extremely sensitive and it’s almost as if it has a center point on the trackpad and depending on how far away you are from the point the more sensitive it gets. Moving my fingers over just a center meter is almost enough to give me a 360 spin of my entire workspace. It’s essentially impossible to work in studio because of this bug.

I’ve re-installed studio multiple times and I always have this weird bug. No matter how many new places I open(or old) or new installations of studio I get I always have this bug.

Here’s a quick gif of what I mean,

(In this gif I didn’t even move my fingers from the very center of my trackpad)

Currently, I’m on a MacBook Pro Early 2015, the bug began to happen approximately two updates ago as well.

I really hope this is resolved soon, I want to come back to working in studio but I have absolutely no idea. I’ve tried to solve why it happens, no luck. Why this happens is beyond me.

(I suggest testing studio on a Macbook, as far as I know, it doesn’t happen on Window’s based computers)


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Go into System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Accessibility - Uncheck RobloxStudio and restart your computer. Repeat and check it again. Should work. Though i’ve noticed you have to repeat this every time Roblox Studio updates.

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It has been unchecked though.

oop, never mind. Checking it worked, thanks a million!

Are you on Mojave? If so, this issue should be resolved in a coming update.

Yeah this happens on Mojave.

Yup. I am.

Is there a Windows solution as well that you know of?

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