Strange shading for each mesh face

Ive got a problem , a mesh of plane has strange shadings

the above picture shows how the plane looks when faces are smooth

it was found that the plane has strange shading on each face when faces are flattened

the situation can be solved by deleting faces , then Mesh > Clean Up > Fill Holes in blender

the above photo shows the the mesh after Clean Up > Fill Holes

However the original Texture map will be reset after the action

does anyone know how to fix this without breaking the texture map ?

Try to check if you can clear custom split normals in Object Data Properties>Geometry Data>Clear Custom Split Normal Data

Or you can also try going to edit mode, select all verts with A then use M to merge by distance

also it would prob be better if you made this topic in the blenderartists forums instead

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Have you tried flipping/recalculating the normals? That might help.

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Tried it a year ago on the same mesh but it didnt work

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It works , thanks