Strange Window Scaling Issues

Just to explain, I like to run studio with my main monitor with all the stuff I need on hand, and I put my output, insert menus, and script performance off on my other monitor. Recently I’ve been having scaling issues with this. When ever I have studio windows that dont lie within the main studio window I get this issue where the windows I put on the second screen seem to be sized up larger than they should, and they get all fuzzy looking.

I also get an issue where all of my right click and drop down menus are offset a large distance (upwards of a 3rd of the width of my screen) when I have windows outside of the main studio window. All the buttons still seem to work but I need to have my mouse offseted to be able to click them.

Both monitors are at 1920x1080 resolution with no down or up scaling.

For mouse position reference, it is placed over the red and black gui in the center of the view port expect on the last shot where it was on top of the file button to click it.

Windows on same screen, no issues.

Windows on different screens, where the issues lie

It isn’t something that’s happening to a friend of mine, so I’m not sure if It’s something on my end or if its just a rare bug. I’d really love some help to get it solved though, it is quite an annoying thing. If the’re is any other information needed I’d be happy to supply. Roblox Studio is so far the only program to be doing this on my computer, so I figured It had to be a studio issue.