StrangeShiner | Experienced Builder, Animator, and Beginner Modeler (Closed)

Hello, I’m offering my services as a builder, animator, and hopefully modeler. I’ve been building for 4+ years but mostly as a hobby. I’ve been messing around with smooth terrain a little. I’ve been animating on Roblox for a couple months now, and I believe I have a small knack for it. I’ve always wanted to put my expertise into something and I’m looking for that opportunity. I started learning to model in Blender a few days ago. But keep in mind, I’m still learning. When it comes to building I like to build medium to high poly things. I don’t use unions and rarely use meshes (only when needed). I use Roblox materials and various textures but I prefer materials over textures. For animations I can do whatever, haven’t exactly figured out what I do and do not like to do. If you need something modeled and you need something quick and fast, I’m probably your guy. Keep in mind, I have little experience with Blender.



Cliff Side Hideout

The four pictures above is something I did in just a few hours.
You can view it for yourself here:
Cliff Side Hideout - Roblox

WIP Bank

Like in the title it is WIP, will update. Inspired by the “Big Bank” from Payday 2.

Small Christmas Build

All of the build is located on a 50x50 square!


Winter Game Jam (Animations)

I participated in the Roblox Winter Game Jam of 2020! Although we didn’t win, I flexed my animation skills here. Keep in my mind the game itself isn’t exactly of the best quality but the animations were all me.
Winter Dash❄️[MOBILE SUPPORT] - Roblox
Although I will put a few here if you don’t want to play it.
Victory Dance


Here is a tutorial I followed, look at this beautiful donut.

A very basic sledge hammer. I admit it is not that great.

  • A Trello/Click Up
  • A passion to work with people
  • Experience with working in teams (See Winter Gam Jam).
  • A good attitude.
  • Access to a VR Headset (Oculus Quest 2)

I’m available almost all the time on the weekends and I’m doing well in school so expect a good couple hours out of school time.
My timezone is also GMT -5 (EST).

NOT OPEN RIGHT NOW, NOT FOR HIRE. Thanks for looking at my portfolio. :slight_smile:


Prices are negotiable, I accept all kinds of payment methods except USD. Accepting all kinds of work, long term, commissions, you name it. See text above if you want modeling.

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at StrangeShiner#2507

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned, more could be added. :slight_smile:

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