Strawberry Jam Dress ; Feedback?

I created this design this week!
Any feedback is appreciated ( ^ ᴗ ^ )


It’s detailed.
Overly complicated, white, pink and red doesn’t fit with brown.
It’s not a good idea to make 2D dresses anymore, try 3D dresses, Times changed.

I like making detailed stuff because that’s what gets more attention.

Dude, that’s literally the skin color of the mannequin…:grimacing:

I think it looks complimentary to all skin tones too.

2D designs are still hot right now, and that’s what I’m currently best at doing.
Learning 3d modeling this summer though

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I also likes detailed stuff (We have them) but keep it simple. The dress looks good, maybe it’s just my opinion that’s not girly or artistic enough, sorry :disappointed:

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