Stream Out Behavior: New Property for Streaming Enabled

Figured I’d ask again, a month after. Any new info for us? @CorvusCoraxx

We’re very desperate for this feature to return, as our map will be unplayable for some devices, without it.

This is the general graphical fidelity of our map, spanning around 4km^2. (7200x7200 studs.)


We are planning to reenable the stream out behavior change after we roll out this improvement to streaming PartInstance handling:


Glad to see it’s returning. I have a game with heavy fog where the player can’t see anything past a certain distance and this will be extremely helpful!


This feature sounds amazing, and I am looking forward to its return. I will keep this post bookmarked for future reference.

Are there any more prequisites other than that to enable this opportunitistic stream out behavior? according to the timeline it should have released yesterday, when can i expect to use this new behavior in my live game?

Opportunistic stream out is dependent on the change discussed here:

which unfortunately had to be delayed. I will update this thread when we have an ETA.


Thank god. My game really suffers from low framerates just because it keeps everything loaded in.


What’s the status for this feature rolling out?

This change should follow soon after the Changes to PartInstance Streaming with Streaming Enabled mentioned previously.


Can we expect to see this feature enabled soon? The game me and my team are working on really needs it due to the game having a lot of instances in it at the same time which are using the client memory quickly but also causing frame drops, so this would be very useful.

I hope this functionality will be reactivated quickly because I really need it.

The current plan is to enable stream out behavior next week. There is a related fix that can’t be enabled until next week unfortunately.


That’s great news to hear, I’m currently just using RobloxStudioModManager to finish what I need for this feature. Now will this be enabled just as a beta feature or will it be released into Live Games?


Looking forward to this! Current “Don’t unload until memory is full” is causing a fair bit of players on lower end PC to crash despite on Auto Graphics. Hopefully stream out will be the solution!


Is there anything new regarding this feature?


Any update? My game is in a severe need of a proper StreamingEnabled stream out feature.


This feature is now enabled globally again. As a reminder Workspace.StreamOutBehavior must be set to Opportunistic for the new behavior to be active.


Awsome news, already enabled this feature at our city and the performance improvements are outstanding. Thank you!

Glad to hear, my game will run flawlessly with my new 3070 arriving soon :upside_down_face:

Works great! Performance is through the roof now, which I’m sure my players will enjoy! Thank you!