Streamer Mode (Content creators and Developers)

In midst of a number of security threats rising along with the increase in methods to steal data and sensitive information, I think Roblox should have a system called “Streamer Mode”, which focuses on protecting information of the user.

Before getting into the detail, I wish to name a company or two which are already using this method :-

  • Discord
  • Guilded
  • A number of other smaller companies linked with social medias and gaming platforms

A streamer mode system can enable the user to hide his or her sensitive information on the screen which includes :-

  1. Website features - Friend requests, Robux amount, Unread messages, usernames of users added etc.

  2. Background features - Notifications from 3rd party applications which run in the system’s background like pop-ups, text bubbles, system messages, client sounds, and literally any other add ons which can affect the security of the user if displayed to public.

Developers and content creators rely on screen recording. Especially star creators fall in a risk of having their sensitive information leaked to a much bigger audience.
Certain developers record their gameplay or creations and also stream it to the audience which can be a threat to them.
As an UGC Event Organizer myself, I respect the right of privacy for everyone and for my own as well as the community’s safety, would like to bring this feature into the light of development.

This feature can help prevent such leaks and make the platform a much safer place for creators and developers.

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You may find it more helpful to add to Add a "Streamer/Anonymous mode" across the platform

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