Streaming Enabled breaks first person camera after equipping tool


So I’m facing a small yet super annoying issue after enabling Streaming Enabled in my game, for some reason, the player’s camera freezes in place after you equip a tool, but this never happened when Streaming Enabled was off.


I’m not sure why it’s doing this, here’s the setup though of my little tool giving system:

Inside the script:

The tool the script gives you:

Would I have to somehow make my script compatible with Streaming Enabled now? I’d truly appreciate some help as I’m lost here.

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It is likely whenever you equip the item, the item was originally placed outside of streaming or rendering distances. When the item is attached to the character model, the character model briefly loses references before being streamed back in.

Strange, I checked the tool in ServerStorage and the handle was far away from the streaming area where you pick said tool after clicking the prop, and so I moved it within the streaming area hoping it would fix it now but the camera bug persists for some reason.

Where the tool handle part is now:

Am I not understanding something?

Hmm, I have no idea either really. StreamingEnabled makes it slightly funnier by making the things arrive slightly later than usual. Therefore not in within the timing you expect and usually can result in code breaking.

Maybe there’s more to this, specifically about the camera?

Well, the script that handles putting the tool in your inventory after clicking the prop doesn’t really have a line of code anywhere mentioning manipulating the camera:

At first I thought it might be related to my game being first person locked, and so I tried changing the camera to classical picking the tool up and the same thing happens. So strange working with Streaming Enabled, but I need it on for optimization purposes as my game is huge and detailed.

Does anyone else know what might be going on here? I’d still highly appreciate some help.

noticing i’m having the same problem aswell where my camera freeze but my avatar moves fine kinda like a camera lock in 1 place only

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