Streaming Enabled disconnects players at random

I’m trying to use streaming enabled. It works quite often, but sometimes it fails and disconnects a player. This error, which only affects one player at a time, looks like this:

This error message fires off multiple times. It doesn’t always happen on join, or on join from a teleport. Rather, it can happen at any moment in the game.

I can’t reproduce it right now. If anyone else knows anything about it, that’d be great.

Preferably this would be fixed so I could start using Streaming in my game.


I believe this message is there regardless of why the disconnect happened - that is, it does not hint at the cause.

Is there anything in the server log?

When other players disconnect, the exact same message gets put into the server log.

I have only seen this message when a player disconnects, and I have only seen this message (and disconnects) with StreamingEnabled.

I’ve started tracking down this issue further. It appears that yes, this does fire regardless, but only with streaming enabled.


No streaming:

I’m looking into this issue more.

StreamingEnabled doesn’t replicate



It looks like StreamingEnabled isn’t replicating over to the client.
I suspect it’s a FilteringEnabled thing.

I’m going to do more testing after manually setting StreamingEnabled on the client.