Streaming enabled not streaming in / out any parts?

I have made a terrain generator and I decided to enable ‘StreamingEnabled’ because it gets really laggy. I set StreamingMinRadius to 10 and StreamingTargetRadius to 10, and it does not have any effect:

As you can see none of the parts streamed out of my client.
But when I spawn high in the air streaming enabled seems to work:

How can I fix that? Is this normal? Or a bug?

If this belongs in a different category then flag this, and let me know that it does belong somewhere else.


I’m pretty sure this behavior is an intended feature. I have been going through the same confusions recently, and reading through the devhub page for streaming did help to shed some light on the situation. I also came across an extremely enlightening, open-sourced place utilizing streaming services to produce essentially infinite terrain.

And as an extra note, I don’t think this topic really fits into the “building support” category and should instead be somewhere else like scripting support or code review.