Streaming Enabled Removing GUI's?

Hello Developers, Today I have run into an issue while using the Streaming Enabled Feature (Which is keeping my game run smooth) for some reason when I enable it my GUI’s from the Halo Crates I am using Disappear. But when I turn it off they re-appear, I am very mind boggled of why this is happening, below shows photos of my problem
With it Disabled

With it Enabled

I do not know if this is normal, I just need to know if there is a way to fix this issue. :slightly_smiling_face:

How is your GUI enabled? I assume there has to be a physical aspect to prompt the GUI e.g magnitude, etc. I recall from this topic, coefficient stating:

Clients usually will not have the entire Workspace available locally. Developers must ensure that game functionality works when clients are missing parts of the world, such as by using Instance:WaitForChild (Please be aware that there is a chance WaitForChild will hang forever if the instance being waited for is never streamed in and that a timeout in WaitForChild is not specified).

However, you’re prompting the GUI, you need to yield it before making it pop up, e.g WaitForChild specified with a timeout.

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