Streaming Enabled Streams Out Too Much

These are my current streaming settings. I recently got some reports that maps are flickering for players on max graphics. I don’t think this was happening before. Additionally, the parts being streamed out I think are still within 1024 studs.

Here are some videos sent to me.

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Reached out in private message

I’ve noticed this happens in my team’s experience too a lot. It’s mainly the flickering that bothers me so much. I can have my character and camera completely still and the flickering will happen. It’s not as noticeable as the main post shows due to our stream radius being much larger, but if you look in the background of the game you can often see it happen.

If I can find some video of this happening, I’ll edit this message to reflect that.

Game Link: [LOGIC!] Oaklands - Roblox

Update: Thanks to some help from my community, I was able to get a few clips from different users.

This clip gives the most information, they were able to enable the Streaming Debugger. The streaming radius seems to constantly jitter back and forth. You can see a few trees in the background constantly streaming in and out, as well as some other parts streaming in and out.

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