Streaming Enabled while in Studio

I can no longer develop in my medieval game because it’s too big for my computer to handle and my other developers are having difficulty.

However. When you join the game via ROBLOX, you can run around fine. It runs smoothly because of ‘streaming enabled’.

What happens at the moment is I join, then it loads everything in about 30 seconds which is way too fast for me and crashes Studio. Would be great to have ‘streaming enabled’ act on Studio as it acts on ROBLOX.

Eg. If your computer is a toaster, it loads things slowly. If it’s good, it loads everything faster.

EDIT: Having Edit and Quality level on lowest still does not help.


Not sure how much it will help, but try going into settings and lowering your EditQualityLevel. It’ll only render parts close to you

Crude example but… before and after


That only helps me with moving around the place, doesn’t help me while I am loading the place.

How many parts:

@Nightgaladeld @Silent137
I really want to be able to finish this game, but I can’t because my Macbook can’t handle it. ROBLOX the game can handle it fine when I play, in studio I crash. Photo taken by another Dev.

Whatever makes ROBLOX games playable needs to be added in with Studio.

Hi Serclockwerk,

Thank you for reporting this issue. I will be contacting someone soon to follow up with you.

Thank you,
Developer Relations Team


Greatly appreciated.

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Hi SerClockwork,

I took a look at the description of your issue and I think at this point we might not have a strong solution for you. One reason streaming works so well when playing games is because we can roughly judge what you as a player can see based on what you are near in a level. When creating content in studio a user can be anywhere in a map in a matter of seconds and if we were to enable streaming in the editor we would have to be able to predict what the user wanted to work with even if they were far away from their work. This may be something we consider in the future, but in the short term I would look at doing the following.

I would try to load up the map on another computer. By breaking the map down into small pieces and saving them separately, you may be able to edit them from your macbook once again. It sounds like it’s run out of memory. If you would like to edit it at its current scale, you may have to reduce its complexity. You can also try shutting down all background applications before editing the map. Really anything you can do to reduce how much memory you are using, the more likely you’ll be able to edit your map.

Thank you for taking the time to explain your issue, this is an interesting idea we may consider for the future, but in the short term this solution may not be integrated.

Thank you,
Will (penguinMikeDavis)
Roblox Developer Relations


Thank you for getting back to me. @penguinMikeDavis

The issue isn’t really moving around in the world, it’s loading the place. The game loads the parts too fast for my mac to keep up with it. Like before I was crashing, I just turned edit and quality levels down and moved around fine.

If you crash because you run out of memory (which seems very likely because 4 GB of physical memory is next to nothing nowadays :stuck_out_tongue: – but still verify that is the cause), you can try to allocate some swap space to “mitigate” the crash. It’s just much slower than memory modules. 4 GB of DDR3 mem is super cheap though, so upgrading that may be worth it instead.

It’s a macbook, lol. Can’t upgrade.

@Den_S is correct. If you allocate space on your hard drive to act as memory, you may be able to load the place.

I think I have a good reason to bring this topic back up. With games growing ever more gigantic and with Streaming being reworked internally currently, I think that in-studio streaming would be a fantastic feature, if even streaming from your hard drive. Many open world games on roblox cannot expand any farther due to lack of developer resources. Open world maps aren’t easy to load, and while I think model LOD will help greatly, it’s important to recognize that not every game on roblox is a baseplate throwing tea pots at you anymore, Haha.

To solve the issue in the short run though, @Blue101black I would recommend unloading the entire map in studio and saving it as a model. Then, you can have a check to see if the game is studio. If it is, you can spawn in a smaller test map so your studio doesn’t crash. If it’s a live server then spawn in the full thing, and Streaming will do the optimization. This will lead to a little extra loading time for the server on server startup, but it will at least let you continue developing your game’s scripts and such. If you need to build you can save the map in different “Chunks” and work on each chunk individually and save that as a separate model.