Streaming enabled wont stream characters and cars correctly

Streaming enabled randomly not streams in random parts of characters or cars.
I recently switched to streaming enabled in a R6 game and made everything work script wise but I get a lot of reports cars are broken they even get streamed out WHILE DRIVING tires are flying. Other than cars player characters are also big graphical problem


  • Game: [FREE GUNS!] Border Simulator 🎁 - Roblox
  • How many parts?: 20k-35k
  • Are there laggy scripts or backdoor?: No.
  • Is there lag?: Probably no. Reporter player’s internet speed is good, it’s unknown if these target players who are seen invisible have lag, server lag is small to medium due to 20 player count but overall replications are still fast like you can still type in chat and it goes
  • Car stuff work fine when tested alone in private server but it probably start breaking in 10 players+ server
  • Do you have custom character system?: No, rigs are not modified. There is weapon system that welds weapons to body and keep welds in workspace in humanoidrootpart/torso. However somehow weapons are visible good enough but characters are not. That seems like a bug with humanoid.
  • Do you have morphs in game?: No, as seen in pictures most of them dont have any morph so morph is not cause of this.
  • What is the vehicle system?: A-Chassis, stores joints in JointsService (saying because I see a roblox staff asking this in a topic)


We’ve filled a ticket into our internal database for this issue, and will come back as soon as we have updates!

Thanks for the report!


Can you modify your A-Chassis scripts to not store the joints in JointsService? I would hope that would help with the vehicle issues. JointsService is deprecated and not guaranteed to work.

Are you able to make a simple repro place for us?


Is your problem still occurring? We recently enabled some fixes for JointsService with streaming.


I fixed it myself by modifying the A-Chassis scripts like you described so I don’t know if problem is fixed for JointsService method.

However invisible character parts were still a big annoying problem for a long time which I could not fix by myself.
But recently, I didn’t get any reports about character bugs (except some other rare humanoid bugs like you never respawn when you reset character or die) and haven’t seen so I assume it’s fixed by roblox too.

Also it will be off-topic but here are other bugs I found in my long StreamingEnabled experience:
Teleporting (or maybe frequently teleporting so consider 3 areas) from an area to another area that has long distance between them can crash the game (only for some low-spec players I guess) also it’s important to note that first area has Default ModelStreamingMode and second area has Unatomic ModelStreamingMode. I guess this is happening because it streams out first area then starts streaming a big unatomic area which causes kind of memory leak or triggers an engine bug. I didn’t create different topic for it because it seems a small issue and may be pc related.

Another bug is sometimes client created workspace objects at beginning of game would disappear. I fixed this by having to use new feature “Persistent” ModelStreamingMode. In old method I was moving roads from ReplicatedStorage to workspace and some players would complain that road disappeared randomly and rejoin was only solution.

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