Streaming not loading on Paused

My game currently has ClientPhysics paused on StreamingEnabled and I’m getting many reports of players getting stuck for 10+ minutes on the GameplayPaused screen. The minimum radius is 500. Is this a bug, their internet or streaming being broken? The game is linked below and the player reports are found on the group page.


Do you know any steps to help reproduce the problem? Does it happen immediately on join, or after doing some action in the game?

Can you share a link to where the player bug reports are? I didn’t find them after some searching.

It seems to happen after teleporting to an island outside of the TargetRadius. For one person on their phone, which they stated was on WiFi, once they teleported back to spawn their game was paused and they had to rejoin. It might be specific to mobile and independent from internet connection.

Are you doing anything special with the replication focus, or are you leaving it as the default?

“ I dont get it I’m in egg simulator for a few mins then it says new content to load I’ve waited a hour and nothing happend please help”

“When ever I get in it says game play paused”

The replication focus is 1500 I believe and the minimum 500.

That’s the target and minimum. I was wondering if you are changing the replication focus at all:

Is there a quick way for me to test teleporting far away in game?

I’m currently not changing ReplicationFocus. I gave you rebirths so you can teleport to test.

I’m trying to reproduce the problem, thanks for the rebirths. I see a brief pause, as expected, when I first go through the teleport, but no extended pause. Tested on desktop and Android.

Do you know anything else that might help trigger the issue?

I just know that I’ve been getting lots of reports of the game not loading after teleporting. I’ll give you phone / internet specs of someone that I know is having the problem as soon as they respond.

“verizon internet, don’t know beyond that and that its a wireless connection. phone i’ve been using is wifi only at the moment LG phoenix 2”

Their game gets GameplayPaused when teleporting back to the spawn area.

Looks like you turned off streaming pause to get around the problem. I still want to get to the bottom of the problem so that you can safely turn back on the streaming pause.

I’m still trying to reproduce the problem, but I wonder if it is related to players moving at high velocity when teleporting. I’ve noticed some players moving around very quickly, and I’m curious if that is related. What upgrades do I need to get to cause my player to move faster?

I turned ClientPhysicsPause back on and gave you the Speed Coil item to increase your speed.

You don’t need to turn the pause back on if you don’t want to, I can override it locally for now.

Well, if I can’t reproduce it then it would be helpful to have pause enabled for the game.

I’ll leave it on so I can give you players device specs in case they get the issue again. It may have to do with low memory mobile devices?

The LG Phoenix 2 I said above has " Processor Qualcomm® MSM8909 1.3 GHz Quad-Core Memory 1.5 GB RAM" however the game ran fine on that device for the player before streaming was added.

Would you mind setting your streaming minimum and target radius to multiples of 64? For example, set the minimum to 192 and target to 1152. I think there is a bug related to the fact that internally we only use a radius granularity of 64 studs.

I will fix the calculations in our engine to eliminate the problem, but until that is deployed I think you can avoid the issue entirely by using multiples of 64. Sorry for the issue, and thanks for reporting it.

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I had done this before after reading the updated streaming post a few months ago but it didn’t seem to change anything. I’ll change it back for now if that seems to be the issue.

There is another corner case that can happen on memory limited mobile devices if the amount of memory used happens to fall in just the wrong range. I’m working on a fix for that but it wont be deployed to all mobile devices for several weeks. It is likely that is what the user on the LG Phoenix 2 ran into.


Sorry to bump but my friend got this glitch on Samsung Galaxy S8
In this game: Big City Tycoon - Roblox
Any ways to fix it?