Streaming Out causing enormous lag spikes

Very simple issue. Leaving a region, 2-3s later it streams the parts out, when it does, it causes enormous lag and freezes the game.

This started happing as of a recent patch, has caused huge damage in my game, there doesn’t seem to be a fix by changing any settings.

Game link:

Expected behavior

Minimal lag maybe 2-3 fps drop. Instead freezes for well over 5s regardless of device.


Huh, I have same issue in most games related to building. ALWAYS, I freeze for 5-10 seconds, if not more.

When did this issue start occurring? Are you able to share a repro place?

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Personally for me it existed forewer. May say that last 4 months at least. If there are appeared new lag spikes, then personally I don’t saw diffirence between old-now.