Streaming Physics Simulation Distance - Is This Broken, or am I?

Why is streaming such a terrible setting for me? It breaks everything I’m trying to do, but I’d like to use it to optimize the large maps I have for players. Is there something I’m missing, or is it just broken?

Here are my settings:

I’ve written a long winded rant below that explains my situation more, but you don’t really need to bother reading it all if you don’t want to, this paragraph is enough. The gist of the issue is, I need streaming to be able to simulate physics at least 6,000-7,000 studs around the player, otherwise the vehicles being driven by the player are too long and they physics-freeze (because they’re trains and once you couple to enough railcars to exceed a thousand or two studs it freezes), but no matter how high I set the properties, it doesn’t even come close. Is there something I’m missing here? Everything runs fine with streaming turned off, but the game is a bit tough to load due to its size, so if this physics issue can be solved I’d like to be able to use streaming.

Here’s the rant you don’t really need to read if you don’t want to:

The places I work on involve trains, which means you can be driving a vehicle that is longer than the average car or truck. Obviously, because trains are big. Due to Roblox limitations, trains often don’t get above 40-50 cars in length, unlike the real world, but for Roblox it is a very acceptable compromise to run a maximum of around 50 cars.

Now onto the streaming issue, and why I hate streaming so much: A train might extend up to around 5000-6000 studs in length. This means, if I want to use streaming, I should set the minimum radius for around 7000 studs, so that even my longest train will be covered by the radius. However, once I attach to several cars of my train, everything involving the vehicle freezes. Nothing moves, all physics just dies. I assume this is because streaming has disabled simulation for the rear section of the train. So, I crank streaming up to around 10,000 studs minimum, with maximum a bit higher. Here we go again, it still breaks.

The map is quite large, and functions better when streaming is turned on (one map is hardly playable without it). However, streaming breaks the trains, which are the whole focus of the map. Without the trains, the map might as well not even exist. I’m sure you can see where my “stuck between a rock and a hard place” is.

Sorry for the rant lol

Still looking for answers if anybody comes across this while it gets shoved under the radar over time. Thanks in advance.

I have a similar problem, however for me if I enable streamingEnabled, no matter what settings I have for it all physics are frozen

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