Streaming Roblox Development

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to stream development in Roblox Studio. The reason for this is that many streaming programs including OBS Studio and Discord only show the game view when you select Roblox Studio as the window to be streamed. The top bar, plugins, explorer, properties, and script editor are not visible. At the moment, the only way to stream Roblox Studio is to stream the entire screen.

A possible solution for this would be some kind of “streamer mode” where all the studio windows and components are part of the same window.

If Roblox were to address this, streaming Roblox Studio development would be far easier.


Have you tried using Window Capture ( bottom of the list of sources ) on OBS? When I’ve streamed studio this has worked perfectly fine, showing the whole interface.


Did - that works. Thanks for the solution!

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