Streaming Simulator Release!

Streaming Simulator is here!

We are excited to announce the release of our newest game, Streaming Simulator.

It is a simulator game about building up your streaming empire, but don’t worry, it also has pets! :slight_smile:

Streaming Simulator will be receiving frequent updates adding new features, more content, and special events.

:eye: Gain views from streaming at your awesome setup!

:money_with_wings: Convert your views into cash and make millions!

:desktop_computer: Buy better equipment to increase the rewards of your streams!

:zap: Restore your energy by smashing food crates!

:family: Increase your following to travel to new areas!

:dog: Hatch rare pets from eggs for additional bonuses!

:hammer: Upgrade your tools to increase crate damage!

Streaming Simulator Trailer

That’s right, we even have our own trailer! :pray: :two_hearts:

We thank everyone who has supported us, and we’re super excited to see where we can take this!

We’ll see you in-game! :happy2: