StreamingEnabled assistance

I wanted to learn more about StreamingEnabled and how it can help my game. I’ve done a lot of testing, and what I’ve found is this:

  • Parts will stream into the client within the TargetStreamingRadius
  • If the client runs out of RAM, parts will be removed from the margin between the Target radius and the Minimum Radius
  • The Minimum radius will never be removed even if the client is starved of memory
  • StreamingEnabled does not care about FPS, so if the target radius is huge and the client has a bad graphics card, it will drop the FPS regardless and the user will have to turn down their settings manually
  • If the client’s RAM can handle it, parts outside of the TargetRadius will stay in the workspace until the client is ram starved again

Is this information all correct, and would it be worth it to make a custom streaming solution that can unload depending on FPS as well? Is it possible to change Streaming Settings locally? Should I set the TargetRadius to encompass my whole map so the whole thing loads if it can, but set the minimum radius lower so it’ll stream only when it needs to?