StreamingEnabled network throttle, failing to load map for everyone in the game

Hi there, I’m an Incubator at Roblox attempting to create a massive MMORPG type game that supports StreamingEnabled.

Streaming is great for supporting mobile and lower-end devices, but today I ran into this issue that may force me to entirely disable it for our project… On a couple of servers, StreamingEnabled appears to be running into a network bottleneck and is not properly streaming the map for most players on the server:

Half our freaking map is unloaded and no matter what I try to do, it won’t load in…

And then you get things like this… which is just… what the hell…

This really sucks… because we really want to support StreamingEnabled, but we just can’t when it does things like this:




Notice server ping is relatively low:

Server memory is a bit high, but acceptable:

and yet this is happening:

Other developers have experienced this issue. When @AlgyLacey and @dev_anthony attempted to launch Hackr, they also ran into serious StreamingEnabled throttling on their first day.

This is a massive, intermittent issue that must be fixed if we are to be able to support StreamingEnabled in our game.


Yeah, IIRC @Wheatlies and @jameeish ran into similar problems with Streaming for Feed Your Pets (AFAIK they ultimately disabled it). One of the engineers explained how streaming worked to us, and apparently it’s pretty network-heavy. Once there are ~10 players in a server, there just isn’t enough bandwidth to send it all. Pretty huge blocker for Streaming, since no production level game can use it if it breaks or severely degrades the experience with more than a few players.


Really hoping to see these issues being addressed too. I’d love to use StreamingEnabled to allow mobile users to play the game smoothly, but I also experience these issues where chunks tend to load in really slowly (only when in very close proximity) or not at all sometimes.

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I don’t even think about using streaming enabled for an entire Titanic map that has over 500k tris and stretches about 1000 studs, these throttle issues would definitely need to be fixed.

But even then, my game relies on “teleport bricks” that tell the sever where to teleport the player. If the player is in a lobby far away from these teleport bricks, last time I checked streaming enabled would say they don’t exist and error the script. Unacceptable, so easy conclusion is to not use streaming enabled.


Definitely make sure to keep reporting these issues as they come up. I know there is someone working with the Halloween event team right now to improve StreamingEnabled and I think they have been making good progress, so the more projects that attempt to use it and the more bug reports come in, the better they can make this feature and maybe have it be actually feasible for production games in the long run.

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I was wanting to use Streaming Enabled because I have a large map and half of the people who play my game are on mobile and they complain it’s a bit slow for them. But since there appears to be a lot of problems at the moment I haven’t looked into it. Hopefully the engineers fix this soon.

Also nice smooth terrain.

Long ago when I was messing with StreamingEnabled and had the same teleport issue, I started teleporting players to coordinances instead of teleporting to a brick in the workspace. This worked except for the fact that when the player would get to the destination, depending on the device they are on they couldn’t load the floor in time and would just fall through the map to their death. I decided to try anchoring the character after they teleported so theyd at least float there for a fixed amount of time to hopefully give them enough time to load. But that was such a horribly ghetto fix since it was STILL too short of a time for some players to load the game, while too long for others. I ultimately gave up on that map project/disabled streaming and moved on, because it also came with a whole other host of issues unfortunately. This was about a year ago


Interesting that you tried that. However, the coordinate idea wouldn’t work for my use-case.
I have a sinking ship, so a few seconds apart, and a specific teleporting brick has a different position. It technically could be hard-coded every X seconds, since the sinking is the same each time, but that sounds awful, and with your experience, not even worth it unless streaming was made a lot better (in which case they might as well make the ability to have non streaming parts)


LOL omg that is funny yeah it definitely would not work for a sinking ship XDDD