StreamingEnabled not removing out of bounds render?

I currently have streaming on my game ( set to:

However, it is not unrendering stuff outside of the target radius, even when thousands of studs away.

When walking through the levels, streaming works fine to render in new islands.

Does streaming not remove stuff once it is rendered in?

“It does this by allowing games to be played whilst objects are still being downloaded, and removing objects that are no longer needed.” –

We don’t remove things from the client just because they are farther away than the target radius. We allow more than just the target to be stored and rendered, depending on client memory limits.

Normally the client only streams things out if it runs out of memory.


Ok, thanks for the explanation. Would there be an option to have parts stream outside of a certain radius in the future or would that be too network heavy?

We aren’t considering something like that currently. I’d be concerned about network thrashing due to parts being repeatedly streamed in and out if the player is moving around in the place.


Hey @CorvusCoraxx , does the client need to fully run out of memory before it begins streaming things outside of the target radius, or does it do it after it reaches a certain threshold? If the client runs out of memory, wouldn’t the device just crash?

We have thresholds were we start streaming things out at different rates. The hope is that we avoid running out of memory. :grinning:

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