StreamingEnabled Question

I am considering using StreamingEnabled for my game, but I have one question: If I modify/parent things to something (like a character), and it gets streamed out, will those modified/parented things still be there when it is streamed in again?

EDIT: Clarification - the modifications are done on the client

As long as it is changed server-side, the modifications you make will be accurately replicated to the player since the information streamed to them comes from the server.

Ah, sorry, forgot to mention that my modifications are done on the client.

In case you are wondering things only get streamed out if the client’s available memory is getting low. Else it won’t stream things out.

As for your original question Ahh @IsKid beat me to it, as long as the change is server sided, it will stream out and in correctly :).

I haven’t tested this personally, but to my knowledge, no, your changes will not be preserved.

You could try storing data about that client side modification in a table somewhere on a localscript, so that way when its streamed out, it will have data stored about it stored in a safe place where it won’t be tampered with by the server or streaming enabled. Then once the object gets streamed back into the client, it will check to see if data does not match that item (For example the parent specified in the table is different from the object’s parent), and parent the item / object back into the location that the table specified. (Tell me if I did something wrong)

How are you supposed to know when an object is streamed back in?

That’s something that I don’t know the answer to. I am pretty sure tho that it is not possible to detect when something is streamed out or into the client. But as of recently we got a post made by @coefficients Stating in this topic streaming enabled will be updated soon (Or is already updated), so maybe eventually it will be possible to detect the streaming out / streaming in of parts.