Street racing GFX

Hi there! Here is a thumbnail GFX that I made as a sort of change in style for me, and would really appreciate your feedback!

Really hope you like it and would love to see your replies! :smiley:

BTW if youโ€™d like me to make you something like this, just hit me up in PMs!


Very dark. I would try increasing the lighting just a smidge.


make it a tad bit brighter and itโ€™s perfect.

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  1. Move the avatar in-front of the cars, as the racers need to know when to start racing.

  2. The flag is small. Maybe make it larger?


Thank you for pointing that out! I did that and it looks much better! tysm!

Lets see the brighter version!

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I see what you mean! I can definitely see the error there, thanks for pointing that out! :smiley:

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Looks amazing! I love the dynamic lighting too, the composition is great :slight_smile: Only suggestion I would have is, as @Crazedbrick1 said in his comment, either make the flag a tad larger, or make the character grip it a little lower on the handle. Canโ€™t figure out which one it is but something bugs me a little with the flag aha

Either way, great work!

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