String appearing as nil in textbox but number isnt

i have no clue why this happens (the error is unrelated

Can you show us the part of the script that is responsible for this?

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everything else works

Might be because of the tostring, just remove that
tostring() on a string returns nil

And can you show us the event handler(on the server)?

You are converting the input text into a number with tonumber, “Hi” isn’t a number so it returns nil. Then you use tostring to convert it back. Remove tonumber

but all the others use tonumber

this one script handles all the textboxes

I do not have any context for that. If you need a number for other inputs then use tonumber for those inputs. This input cannot use tonumber if you want strings.

if you mean the other remote fires, then just reverse what you’ve done and put tonumber(Data) on the other three.

It works now, thanks ----------

Why does args(extra arguments) have 3 values? In the client it’s only 2, maybe this is the cause.

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