Stringed scripting

Hey, I am making a plugin for increasing development speed and adding some QOL features to the roblox studio working environment.

For the plugin I still got few things left:

1: The possibility to run a stringed code block.

Here’s an example for what I mean:

Local TemplateScript = game.ServerScriptService:WaitForChild("TemplateScript")

Function run(block)
    --do something to make it work


This code will run a script same as the TemplateScript, if the code in the script TemplateScript is


then the function will run the code


and will print


2: Create, write and read a .txt or a .lua file to save the stringed code on. DataStoreService isn’t good for my need as it has to be possible to move data between places and games I am in on studio. This is in continuation to the first thing I mentioned I need.

Another option instead of creating, writing and reading files, is to be able to copy text to the clipboard like ctrl+c without selecting the text, by just pressing a button.

If anybody has an idea or knows how to do it, please comment it.

  1. the loadstring() function already does that, people don’t usually enable and use it because of security concerns regarding exploiters

  2. I don’t think roblox can write/read files directly, so I think you have to use HttpService and send the data to a web server

There are many methods to running code. The best is loadstring which I believe is accessible to plugins.

For saving to .txt or .lua files, you might be able to use PromptSaveSelection.

There is no way to manipulate the clipboard as of now without using TextBoxes, probably security/moderation related

ServerScriptService has an LoadstringEnabled option I think so server scripts can use it

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