String.lower or plr not working?

Hey everyone! I was doing my own admin commands as a secret for a future project, but I can’t seem to find out why it’s wont shutdown the server. I used for i,v etc… Here is my script:

Right now, your code only kicks the owner of the game. Owner chats, owner gets kicked.

You could try doing this instead after the string.lower line:

for _,player in pairs(game.Players:GetPlayers()) do end
    player:Kick("your reason goes here")

No, that get all the players and then kick them. But the problem is somehow it’s not working. I used to test my current code before and it’s worked perfectly fine.

Yeah, it gets all the players and kicks them, because that’s how a server gets shut down, when there aren’t any more players in the server.

Can you go back on the subject and tell me if anything in the code I screenshooted is like too old?

OH WAIT. I forgot to go over the for i, v. Oh my god, so sorry.

It might be a problem with the prefix being lowered, try doing ‘;shutdown’ instead to see if that’s the problem.

Nevermind, just try changing the prefix to ; instead.

@DumbHeadEdison Alright. Let me go in test mode and see.

I might have found the issue tho.

Still not. I might just use what @Demonic_Anxiety said to do.

But I don’t think that solves the problem of why it doesn’t kick you out of the game, unless I’m completely wrong about that.

Let me see tho. Maybe not. Maybe yes.

:sob: Still not. I am starting being seriously bored.