Stripes on Bowling Pin appear blurry from far away

I’m trying to make it to where the texture on my bowling pins doesn’t appear blurry from far away.

The issue is when you get far away from the bowling pin, the stripes will appear blurry on the sides.
GIF of my pins with issue:
Example what I need from another game:

I’ve tried mark seam in blender and popping the part out a bit to make it a bit better, but it doesn’t work.

Anything will help, thanks!

Maybe it has something to do with the FOV. check in the lighting settings and see if there is a ‘screen blur’ option and turn it down. I also noticed it’s not only the pins that get blurry so this may be the problem.

its cause of how roblox does their texture sampling which creates that effect. your gonna have to create a physical part for the red stuff if you dont want the blurry edges

How would I do that? I’m a bit confused as to how I do that. Do I use mark sharp? I’m not entirely sure.

I think @CoderHusk means is split the pin into 2 parts, the red and the white.

What are you using for the image/texture? It almost looks like you have decals on all 4 sides which might explain that effect.

No, it’s just a texture wrapped around the mesh using TextureID on a mesh part.

Is it a Roblox Texture or a Texture you created using Blender on your own pin Mesh?
If it’s Roblox then it won’t fit your curved surfaces all that well.
If it’s your own then it looks like it’s improperly wrapped around your MeshPart.

The UV map was exported into PhotoShop where I then created the texture.

Turn off blur and depthoffeild or try to use high quality texture

There are no lighting effects.

Blender has this thing called vertex paint, you might be able to use that instead?

What I did was separate the faces that are supposed to be red from the faces that were supposed to be white like this:

Then go to texture paint > vertex paint

Select the red stripes, then use the colour picker to select red, then press shift + k to paint all of the selected vertices red

Screen Shot 2021-12-01 at 6.38.02 PM

Repeat for white

Now, export > FBX

Import into Roblox, and there you go

Bonus is that it’s a single mesh, sharp edges and you can use Roblox materials on it:


Then it might be the texture try to use color palette and create a new texture.

I think this may be the solution. The unfortunate part is that my bowling pin is supposed to be detailed, but after exporting it as FBX, the file is HUGE.

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Oops! I exported the ENTIRE .blend file which was my main workplace. IT WORKS! Thank you so so much!

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You can add decals since it’s a MeshPart.

I was wondering if there was a way I could do this using textureID? I found a free model one that doesn’t have the stripes from blurry away, but it uses texture ID. If you remove the texture you can see theres lines that stand out where the stripes would be on the texture. I’ll provide an RBXM of the non working vs the free model one I found.
PinExample.rbxm (28.9 KB)

I opened it up in blender, it appears the person who made it did a similar technique. It’s a bit hard to see but if you separate by loose parts, you can see the stripes are separated from the white part, the creator likely used edge split.

Screen Shot 2021-12-28 at 5.39.55 PM

So I’ll just use this thing I made quickly, it’s pretty ugly but it’s more of a proof of concept.

Go to edit mode, select the edges, then right click, edge split.

Now, unwrap and UV map as you would normally.

Export as .obj, then import into Studio as normal. The edge should now be sharp.

I tried this but couldn’t get it to work, this is my OBJ.
Bruh.obj (107.5 KB)

Also quick question, at the top how did you make all of those edges go into one point? I’m trying to make my new one have this at the top and I’m just wondering.

I didn’t see this, super late response, sorry lmao.

Try selecting the faces, press p, and then separate by selection instead.

Select the vertices, press M, then press centre
Screen Shot 2021-12-31 at 4.45.50 PM

Here’s the file with both adjustments
NewPin.obj (107.5 KB)