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Hello. I was wondering if it would be possible for the possibility to use to make medieval style music. That’s the music style in going for and I’m having a hard time getting the music for it. Thanks!

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Nice idea, I would love to have that type of music! I suggest you to join the Discord server and send the idea there too.

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I would do that but unfortunately I don’t actually have discord. I know, it weird for someone these days to not have it but I would totally suggest it of I had it. Sorry for the inconvenience. Lol

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No worries I know loads of people on the dev forum who don’t have Discord you are not the only person.

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Is there anywhere else I can request it?

This feature request has been added to the Discord server!

You requested it for me? Thanks! I appreciate it!

It was actually requested by @Biturb0bros

I don’t mean to sound rude but he was responding to me. I was asking if medieval music was a feature in the website. Sorry it I sounded rude.

No, sorry I meant that they were the one to request the feature for you on the Discord.

Ohhhhh!! I’m so stupid lol. Sorry for the confusion!! :joy: Thanks anyway lol! And also thanks @Biturb0bros lol.


Hey! Medieval style is a cool idea. You can get something like that at strofe’s website by using instruments like the dulcimer, harp, or other plucky stringed instruments.

If we had a tambourine sound that’d be great for the drums - but if you have a DAW you can download the MIDI and swap out the instruments for medieval ones! You could try muting the drum track and just have plucky instruments to see if that gets the feel you’re looking for.

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No problem! Thanks for supporting Strofe!

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Hello developers.

Due to the current issue of audio going private the Strofe team have made a small Google drive of audio files which contains music that you can download and upload yourself.

At Strofe we want developers to enjoy music!

Check out the following link to view our Google drive.

Once again if you have any concerns please let us know!

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Hello developers.

I have added 3 new songs to the library! You can check them by selecting the category recently modified.

Hope you like them!

Support us by joining our roblox group!

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Hey there developers!

I have added 4 new songs to the library
[Strofe Roblox Songs - Google Drive ]

Check the link out to listen to the songs.

We want all developers to be able to listen to good music and help them out with their games!

If you got any suggestions please make a comment below.

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You guys should reach out to Roblox and try to see if you can be put on their “Licensed Music Catalog” like APM, Monstercat, etc.

Thanks for your suggestion. I have forwarded your request to our developer.

I like the idea! But now that anyone can upload their own Strofe songs for free, do you think it’s worth it?

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There’s a monthly limit to the free audio upload, so it may not be best for games with a lot of music and SFX. Plus, this would make Strofe more official lol.