Strofe: 102+1 Free New Songs

Hello again developers!

We really appreciate the feedback and warmth from the community here. Thanks to your replies we’ve been sharpening up Strofe and have some great ideas for down the road!

As a small token of our thanks, we used Strofe to create 102+1 songs for you to use free of cost in your Roblox experiences.

We also put together a video to go over some Strofe tips and tricks and to help pass along some mixing/mastering tips. It’s like a free mini music lesson!

Check it out here.

The +1 song is a Strofe song we had produced by a Silicon Valley sound engineer to show you just how much you can polish up your songs.

Check out GB (GarageBand) - Leaving on a Quest!

-The Strofe Team


Hey Everyone! This is Byron from the Strofe team. I’ll be helping out with the competition and can help you (alongside Alejandro) with any questions or thoughts you might have.


Sweet! Such a super useful asset pack. Will definitely be using these in some of my upcoming games; so many to choose from!

Thank you strofe :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Awesome! Take a listen to the GB - Leaving on a Quest - If you like the difference in production quality and want a song of yours beefed up to the same level you should make a song for the competition!


Awesome! Thank you for your contributions!

I do question how you are making money off this.

You are paying over 100 robux to upload music and then paying for your website domain and it’s all free for us to use? Can I ask how you are earning money from this since I doubt your at a loss at the moment?


Making money? What is that?

Hahaha just kidding just kidding. We’re passing around ideas for our money-making plans right now!

We’d love to hear what you think!

Hop into our Discord channel to see what’s up!


I must admit, kinda cool I guess. I mean everything in it sounds just like a simulator though. I would prefer musicians since you can ask for a very specific request and they can deliver.

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You can make your own AI generated music through their website

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Im aware. It just feels very simulator-like.

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WOW!!! :scream: This is so dang amazing!


Honestly, these soundtracks are simply amazing. It’s rare for a person like me to actually groove and literally dance around and vibe to soundtracks. And the fact that you allow us to use your AI-generated software with no catches whatsoever.

Will definitely recommend it to my friends & use it in my personal games. Good job and thanks for revolutionizing the soundtracks dilemma within the game community!

Hey thanks for the feedback we appreciate it.

Did you know you can make your own music using Strofe AI generated music here Strofe hope you enjoy it and looking forward on seeing you in the future.

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My heart! Wow. Thank you for the great thoughts and for sharing Strofe with your friends! I’m glad you like it.

It’ll definitely be hard to get to the point where we can replace the quality of live musicians. As a musician myself I know this all too well!

We’re working hard to get to the point where it sounds less and less simulated and more and more human!

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There is now an easy to access list for all these songs: Strofe free-to-use music list

It includes a seek-bar! :astonished:

-Abcreator, Strofe Community Moderator

These are amazing, I will definitely be using one of the songs in my game. Thanks!

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I’m glad you like it! Feel free to promote your game in our Discord channel.

Thanks but the problem roblox audio is expensive depending on the minutes length but thanks for it

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All these songs have been uploaded in advance, so there is no need to pay to upload them!