Strucid Chapter 2

Strucid Chapter 2 Is Here!

Thank you guys for your support and patience! In this post, we will be covering everything that has changed as well as what's coming in the future!

What's New

In summary, the game has been completely revamped with brand new building meshes, gun models, animations, UI, sounds, and a rewritten codebase

Introducing Gun Skins

  • Cases now drop gun skins instead of accessories (accessories will be purchasable in the daily shop)
  • Gun skins will come in 5 rarities and some will be customizable (all Epic and Legendary skins will be customizable).

Weapon Rarities

  • Previously, weapons were limited to the base rarity in the normal gamemodes
  • Now rarities can be unlocked by getting kills with the weapon
  • The MVP gamepass will instantly unlock all the rarities for every weapon

New Settings

  • In-game sensitivity can be changed now
  • Confirm edit on release is finally here!
  • Option to mute boomboxes

Vote Kick

  • Votekicks can be started by typing “/votekick PLAYERNAME REASON”
  • The target player will be kicked if at least half of the players in the server votes “Yes” (more votes will be required in the future if this feature is abused)
  • (PLAYERNAME can be abbreviated)

Two New Maps (more to come)

Quality of Life Changes

  • Coins are significantly cheaper to purchase with Robux now
  • Smoother building
  • Building proportions are now rectangular instead of square-shaped
  • More informative round summary
  • +200 resource per kill

Mobile Changes

  • Added emotes
  • Buttons can be resized in addition to repositioned
  • Will be updated in sync with the desktop version now

What's Coming

  • Zone Wars will be coming back about a week after release
  • Battle Royale will also be coming back about two weeks after release
  • Now that the game is redone, updates will be pushed out consistently again :confetti_ball:


  • People who previously owned Alien gun skins will receive Mythical gun cases as compensation in a few days
  • Limited time weapons have been temporarily removed from the game. They will be coming back in the near future.
  • 1v1 map will be back in private servers soon
  • Yes, your cases have been reset because the rarity percentages have been adjusted